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On this page, you will find details about our packages, and what to expect when you join Ask Edward. Is this your first time? Click here to book a free session We want you to enjoy working with us! We have created a very simple and “All inclusive” package which makes it super easy for you to achieve any of your goals!

  • Our packages are charged per hourly basis, and after your first hour you will be billed per 15 minutes. This means that if you do not complete your session, you can continue your sessions in blocks of 15 minutes at a later time. (Notice in advance is required )
  • You can order blocks of 15 minutes at a time on Friday only
  • There are no long term or monthly contracts, you work with us at your own convenience , on what you like and how you like it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or give us a call on +44- (0)2036081177 Here is what you get when you order your session:

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- Screen & Video Conferencing

During the session you will be able to discuss with us live on camera. It’s almost like being there in person, or simply by viewing the screen on the computer. It Works with PowerPoint, Excel, Word, web pages and more – just about any type of file.

- Screen Sharing

If you would like to share your screen with us so that we do it right on your computer, we can work with you this way.

- Phone or Online Audio Conversation

You\’ll receive your own conference call* number and PIN codes. You can use your conference call line or computer microphone.

- Session Recording

We’ll record the screen sharing and the audio, even if it’s over a conference call. Not only that, but we’ll even host the recordings on our website for you!

- Worksheets

Depending on the nature of the  session, we will prepare worksheets either before or after the session. These worksheets will allow you to get the most out of your sessions with us.

- Checklists

After the session, we will prepare your checklist so that you can make sure you are always on track.

- Live tutorials (We do it with you)

AskEdward is different, we are not the usual coach who just tells you what to do. We actually do it with you on the spot, and when you feel confident that you can go it alone, then our work is done. However, if you would like us to work with you continuously, we will be glad to go on the journey with you.

- Private Work Space ( 24/7 FREE access)

We will create your very own private workspace where you can access your videos, worksheets, etc.

- Access to VIP Private Member Area

AskEdward VIP Member Area gives you access to a full range of Audio, Video Software, scripts, graphics and Content that will make your life easier.

  • Access to Premium Tools and Resources
  • Access to buy “Ask Edward Raw & Rebrandable” – Very High Quality, High Demand Rebrandable ready made information products
  • Access to Premium content
  • Access to knowledge, from real questions from different users
  • Access to our “what’s working now” section
  • Opportunity to obtain 90% off coupons for further sessions
  • and much more!

You can also download worksheets, calculators, automation software, and much more. This section keeps growing! Please note that we normally charge £1,750 for a full year membership access. CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS Access to VIP Member is Limited:

  • 3 months Access available only to clients with at least one hour session
  • Life time access to members with over 3 hours of sessions

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First Time? Skip the payment step and  go right ahead and book your free session by ticking “30 Minutes Free Session” and select your time. Not your first time? After you have made your payment in step  one above, then you can book your session time and date. You will be asked to provide the transaction ID from Google.
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