Each client’s business is unique; there are no two projects alike! We have developed a system of workflow that will help us to work together in the most simple and efficient way to bring the best results to your business.

AskEdward is easy and straightforward… We are pleasant, friendly and always eager to help; I’m sure you will enjoy our service.

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1:  Book a Session – Take the “Anchor Quiz” or Book A Free Consultation

You can start straight away by booking your free consultation, but we strongly suggest you start with the “Anchor Quiz”, which will give you a clear picture of what you need to do in order to achieve your specific online money-making goals.

You can access the “Anchor Quiz” from the home page, or by clicking here.

After you take the quiz

Today you have the opportunity to book a FREE 30 Minutes consultation with us so that you can experience AskEdward First-Hand before deciding to work with us.

During this session we’ll pull back the curtains and share everything to you. You will be able to understand how AskEdward can be a valuable asset to your organisation.

When booking a session, you will need to complete a short 5-10 minutes questionnaire . This step is important because it allows us to better understand your goals and vision in order to help you better…. Please take your time with the form.

STEP 2:  Get Answers and Solutions

The sessions are very interactive, and are usually conducted online using an online conferencing platform that allows us to share our screen with you. (If you prefer a face-to-face meeting, simply contact us)

You will be able to hear us, chat and/or speak with us and view our screens.

AskEdward is different due to the fact that we don’t just tell you what to do. During our sessions, we work with you on the spot to get answers and solutions. Once you are confident that you can do it on your own, we can create a working plan and arrange a follow-up meeting to review what you have done. However, if you want us to continue working together to achieve a certain goal, we will be glad to work with you on a consistent basis.

STEP 3:  Celebrate Your Success

We have made it super easy to achieve results! All of our sessions are recorded, and you can refer to them anytime you want.

You will have a private page where you can access all your recordings, notes and anything that has been used during the session. You can access these materials at any time you want, and as often you need.

No matter your niche online, or whether your business is currently offline and you want an online presence, we provide you with assistance, expert advice and motivation…We will even brainstorm your business ideas with you!

We are looking forward to working with you and help you get the success you deserve!

You may have heard of this saying:

The fastest way to get from point A to B is a straight line… There’s absolutely no reason to go round in circles…

Time is money…. Make it count!

Don’t just Google it, Ask Edward… Get started today

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