My name is Edward Hadome and I am the founder of Ask Edward, an online one on one consulting service with a big difference. Thank you for taking the time to investigate this further… Over the years we have been fortunate to work with many online businesses all over the world. Some were individuals, new start-up companies, while many were already established businesses. We take our work very seriously, and try our very best to make our clients’ venture a successful one. Over the years, we had gathered great experience, and our clients kept coming back to us to consult with us, even years later…sometimes it was simply to answer some “How to” , other times to brainstorm new marketing strategies… It was not long before that we realised that no matter how big or small a business is, no matter how many seminars one attends, how many ebooks one buys, building and growing an online business is not such a smooth journey…somehow somewhere one gets stuck, and a lot of money and time is spent trying to get past them, sometimes it results in putting the business on hold. We are very glad to help our clients, and as the demand grew we realised that it was important to dedicate a separate service for this type of assistance and support. Hence came the idea of Askedward, where we can share our knowledge and help solve problems stopping clients from moving forward with their online business, and also help them save precious time and money. With Askedward, we are now able to:

  • Spend more time with our clients to offer deeper solution.
  • Produce faster and better results for our clients.
  • Act as a partner, with whom clients can brainstorm ideas
  • Help bring more clarity to business owners, in different areas of their business.

Every business is unique and has its own unique recipe for success. Go through our website to find how exactly we can help you succeed and book your free consultation.

I’ve been a marketer for many years now starting of as a web designer, then a copywriter and a full time strategic marketer working in the B2B and B2C industry. Apart from creating products to sell online, our core business is helping companies improve their conversions through web development, copywriting and by strengthening their sales and marketing funnel. We’ve just recently created the first and most advanced “Client Conversion Funnel” online for struggling Newspapers to gain back their market share.

  • We help companies such as newspapers, electronic stores, furniture companies, Groupon style businesses and other service companies build better qualified leads, higher conversions and create evangelist clients to spread the word about a business.

Some of our clients have very deep pockets, so what this means is that we’ve had the opportunity to test in so much details that we have broken boundaries…

  • … and when it comes to conversions we’ve been able to produce mind blowing results in very short period of time.For example, A magazine and city guide called on me to help structure and boost sales for their business… I was moving between countries at the time, but I still took on the challenge, and within two months I became more than just a support marketer. I was involved in content editing, as well wrote some of their columns, and got them a free spot in the world trade centre, in Aviz car rentals, with a travel agency in the London… and with an airline that was willing to put their magazine inside their planes…. the apeal to advertise inside the magazine was amazing, we barely had to pitch clients when they heard of our reach.

This company went on to merge with another company and my work was done.

  • Companies, have called us in the past to conduct job interviews with them, because they trusted our judgment.
  • A car rental agency, and taxi company called me in on contract to help them boost their sales…
  • We’ve worked with some of the greatest minds in internet marketing, realestate and other online niches

I don’t mention these things to try and impress you, but to impress upon you the level and complexity we deal with and that we are more than qualified to help you… Here are two of our software products

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Go through our website, find exactly how we can help you and book your free consultation You may have heard of this saying: The fastest way to get from point A to B is a straight line… There’s absolutely no reason to go round in circles… Time is money…. Make it count! Don’t just Google it, Ask Edward… Get started today